This Guy Cut Off His Nose And Destroyed His Face For Reasons You Won’t Believe

As children, many of us have fantasized about being someone else; a movie character, a hero, or even a villain. Halloween was always the special moment to impersonate that character. For this Venezuelan man called Henry Damon, things went a little farther. He became completely obsessed with Red Skull, the super villain from Captain America. Henry Damon decided to literally become Red Skull. Take a look at the pictures below. It’s really unbealievable.


This is Henry before the transformation started.

Before he starts his transformation into redskull


He started by inserting implants in his forehead.

He starts by putting implants in his head.


Then, he had his nose removed. This is a picture taken right before the surgery.

Selfie taken right before removing nose


After his nose healed, this is what he looked like.

After nose is cut off.


But removing the nose wasn’t enough. He also tattooed his eyeballs black and the rest of his face red in order to look just like Red Skull.

Henry Damon started his transformation into Red Skull with a few subdermal implants and tattooing his eyeballs black. | A Man Shares His Step By Step Red Skull Transformation


Before beginning this huge transition, Damon had to go through physical and psychological tests to ensure he was healthy.

After meeting a medical school drop out who specialized in tattoo and extreme body modification, Damon took his transformation a bit further. | A Man Shares His Step By Step Red Skull Transformation


Emilio Gonzalez, the man who performed the surgeries, said: “Henry aka Red Skull is physically and intellectually healthy. He’s an excellent son, husband, and father who has an extreme taste for body modification.”

Before undergoing the big transformation, Damon was required to have both physical and psychological testing done. | A Man Shares His Step By Step Red Skull Transformation


“Most of my customers know that body modification is the last step of body art, everyone knows very well what they want and as well as Henry, many of them are waiting for me for many years to make their dreams a reality,” says Gonzalez. As you may see, Damon hasn’t achieve Red Skull’s exact appearance, but he is getting there. 

He is not quite done with the transformation, but he is getting close. | A Man Shares His Step By Step Red Skull Transformation


This is the villain, Red Skull.


Here’s a video that summarizes the transformation. If you’re susceptible and sensitive towards graphic images, don’t watch it. After all, he had his nose removed.






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