Thief Hides His Phone In His Butt Only To Take Selfie While Handcuffed In Prison Van

Burglar hides phone between bum cheeks, takes selfie while handcuffed in back of prison van

(Picture: Police Handout)


23 year old Christopher Atherton had hidden his phone between his butt cheeks and took a selfie of himself when he was handcuffed in the back of a police van following an arrest for handling stolen goods.

When the police had discovered the phone, they found not only the selfie, but actual footage of a number of his break-ins, which pretty much made their jobs a whole lot easier.

He had broken into 3 small businesses in St. Helens and robbed the home of a 78 year old woman in Wigan. After the footage was found, he had no choice but to confess and was sent to jail today for a sentence of 21 months.

Examination of the phone also displayed him robbing a hairdressing shop, a specialist window firm and a care company from which he stole cash and stock totalling thousands of dollars between October and November last year.


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