New Trend: Double Exposure Tattoos

Tattoos are usually good reminders of something very important while there are people who get tattoos for the love of art, some get them as a token. Each tattoo is a memento of something or someone that is close to your heart or something that has made a huge difference or impact in your life. But, lately, the internet world has gone crazy over this artist who has stepped up his game by creating the most breathtaking and most unique tattoos that we’ve ever seen so far.

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Photo: Andrey Lukovnikov

Double exposure, in photography, is combining two images in one single image. But the thing is, this is not just about photography anymore because double exposure tattoos are the new thing now.

Lately, this has caught the attention of tattoo artists who is now making this a trend – they have been putting wonderful tattoos with a photographic element on to skin.

Is not this just really lovely?

tattoo, tattoos

Photo: Andrey Lukovnikov

A very incredible artist, named Andrey Lukovnikov, is putting up amazing images to create wonderful inkings and everyone is just so blown away with his incredible art.

Andrey’s creations are mostly inspired by nature, the tattoos are usually a mix of flowers, wild animals with forest landscapes in really good works of detailed art.

Taking the feather tattoo to a whole new level. This is definitely art.


Photo: Andrey Lukovnikov

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well, this tattoo might mean a million words.

tattoos, nature

Photo: Andrey Lukovnikov

Andrey’s work has been gaining hundreds of likes from thousands of his Facebook followers. Once you see them, you are going to want to get a tattoo in an instant (because I hate tattoos but his creations are something that I would get) I see an amazing work of art and if you want to see Andrey’s work, you can check his stunning creations here.

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