Dad Mocks Daughter’s Photos Which Led to Her Gaining Followers

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Dads are the freaking best – they always look out for you, sending you daddy jokes (that only themselves find funny) and constantly mocking the living crap out of you, which is well, their whole purpose of being your dad.

Father-daughter, family

Image: Cassie Martin’s Facebook

Chris Martin is just one fine example of such a dad as he takes on social media to imitate his daughter’s, Cassie, photos and tattoos.

He has been imitating and making fun of his daughter’s photos which people apparently loved that he received over 250,000 likes on Facebook and got more than 10,000 people to follow her daughter’s Facebook page which is making her insta-famous!
See that tattoo? Yes, dad. You are so cool!

father-daughter, facebook, image

Image: Cassie Martin’s Facebook

He is definitely nailing it. Like father, like daughter?

father-daughter, family, tattoo, dad

Image: Cassie Martin’s Facebook

He also extends this kind gesture to his son. Is not he #Fathergoals?

father-son, facebook, family

Image: Chris Martin’s Facebook

Is not he funny and brilliant? Hopefully, more fathers follow his footsteps and start thinking outside the box when it comes to “trying to be funny” so they will get over the terrible dad jokes that only dads find hilarious.

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